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The Alumni Association

The association was started in the year 2005 when the first batch PC B.Sc students were graduated.

Sr. Consolata was the first president and Sr. Doris the Secretary. The members were added year by year and various activities were planned and conducted. At present there are 218 members in the association.

On 29th of June the first batch of B.Sc Nursing Students who returned from United Arab countries joined to hold a very warm gathering by which the alumni started to be in a pedestal with nostalgic feeling to the Alma Matter, their own place of development. The members had a very home feeling and shared their experience. Ms Tunnu Susan Jacob and Nivy Davis Pazhai presented the innovative clinical instructor roles and the gains by working in Holy Cross College of Nursing.

Brief news from the Alumni

  • The Alumni decided to collect e-mail address and keep communication through internet.
  • It has also ambitiously planned to open a separate site for Alumni by name “LIGHT HOUSE”. Sr. Doris agreed to search the coast of it and it is around-Rs.50,000 . Since it is unaffordable at present, we have decided to have a link for Alumni in the web site of the College. However we may consider it later.

News from the College

  • Students of 2006 batch secured full pass and University first Rank was secured by Ms.Seenu Babu.
  • M.Sc nursing programme with 3 specialties 1) Medical Surgical Nursing, 2) Community Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing are in the process of commencement in the year 2011-12.
  • Post Basic Diploma one year course are (Critical Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing and Clinical Nurse Practioner in Midwifery) also planned to start in the academic year 2011-12.
  • The Kerala University of Health Sciences has started to conduct Examination with on-line delivery of question papers.

Mental Health Centre :

Holy Cross Mental Health Centre at Koovappilly gives opportunity for clinical experience in mental health nursing. Holy Cross Hospital Kottiyam has opened a mental health Department with 20 bed strength and Staff requirements.

Faculty News

  • Ms. Neethu Varghese (Innovative Clinical instructor ) got job in Dubai
  • Ms. Surya Surendran left to K S A
  • Ms. Tunnu Susan left to KSA
  • Sr.Gabriela retied fron LSN and Sr.Tesline is appointed as principal of LSN

The Faculty at Present

  • Principal - Sr.Doris
  • Vice Principal - Sr.Jain Francis
  • Professor - 3
  • Asso. Professor - 2
  • Assi. Professor - 3
  • Lecturer - 12
  • Tutor / Clinical instructor - 18

Wedding Bells

  • Ms.Preetha Lopes wedded with Jayan.
  • Ms.Gloriya Jacqulline wedded with Jude.
  • Ms. Sibi Chandran wedded with Sanoj Kumar.
  • Ms.Cicil Mathew wedded with Amal (now in Australia)
  • Ms. Ann Mary Josen wedded with Justin Joseph (now in Australia)
  • Miss Anju wedded
  • Ms Julian Liza Chacko wedded to Anto
  • Ms. Soniya Joseph wedded
  • Ms. Joythi K 2007 Wedded
  • Ms. Molu Panicker wedded
  • Ms. Nithya Varghese wedded
  • Ms. Divya Stephen, Ms. Rejino John,Ms. Julin Liza Chacko, Ms. Evi Edison, Ms. Preethi Bastian, Ms. Shini M. Majeed, Ms. Suhana Hakkim, Ms. Prethi Kamalan, Ms. Ashamol K. R, Ms. Saby Sebastian Wedded.
  • Ms. Ajitha.B, Swapna .S 2005wedded, Renjini Fabian 2007(got to wedded)

Flew Overseas

  • Mr. Shivapal .B and Mr.Arun George left to Australia
  • Ms. Priyanka , Ms.Anjali, Ms. Tintu Nirmala and Ms.Deepa Constantine are now working in KSA
  • Mr.Padhmakumar and Nithin Das left to UK
  • Mr. Justin Joseph 2004, Mrs. Persis Sam left to Australia
  • Mrs. Annama Chacko, , Mrs. Elsa Sammul, Mrs. Riji Joseph, Mrs. Roinya Herbart, left to KSA
  • Ms. Tunnu Susan Jacob UAE
  • Ms. Neethu Elizabeth Varghese, Ligiya .L , Ms. Pretha Philip, Ms. Shobha John, Ms. Susan Thomas 2004, Shibi Mathew2005, Annamma Chacko, Elsa 2006 Reena Annamma Babu 2007UAE
  • Mrs. Sheelamol M2006, Ms.Vijitha, Ms. Ligi Varghese V left to, Sheelamol .M 2006, Sajitha T, Shalini George 2007 K.S.A
  • Mrs. Nithya Varghese USA
  • Ms. Sini Poulose (Canada) (U.A.E)

Higher Studies

  • Ms.Aneeshya N , Ms.Amitha L.S , Ms.Lincy Mary John,Ms. Chitra.S.S ,Mr. Anas.S ,Ms. Jency sebastian , Mrs .Loveline Morris, Mrs Archana S.V , Ms Preethi Philip, Mr.Mayjo Paul , Ms.Gilcy George, Bincy Abraham, Preethi Kamalan, Joiend for Msc.Nursing in different colleges in Kerala and outside Kerala.
  • Ms Anusha Rose Abraham Joined for MBA
  • Ms.Diany Thomas (Second batch B.Sc Nsg student) got fourth rank in AIIMS for PG entrance exam and She joined for M.Sc Nursing in AIIMS at New Delhi
  • Mrs. Joythi Lekshmi for M. Sc. Nursing
  • Mrs. Smitha P. Hanock for M. Sc. Nursing
  • Ms. Remya .S Tutor at Co-operative Hospital, Kollam
  • Mr. Nakul S. Babu for M. Sc. Nursing
  • Ms. Lovlin Moris Fernanduz for M. Sc. Nursing
  • Mrs. Thanuja P. Rawther for M. Sc. Nursing
  • Mrs. Praveena .Y for M. Sc. Nursing 2004
  • Sr. Chantal (L.S.N Kottiyam), Mrs. Sharmini Priya, Soumya.s 2004(MSC Nursing)
  • Ms. Jijimol Jacob 2004(PCBSC), Bismi .R (Gov.Services), Sr. Angel D.M (Anchal), Leena .L (Govt.service), Manju mol (MSC Nursing), Sr. Reena (Thrichur),2005 , Linu Lopose 2006 (Kollam), Sr. Nirmal Jose(mysoor) Kavitha .M .Nair 2007(TVM), Maneesha (Kollam), Preetha R Soman (Kollam), Resmi K.S (T.V.M), Saritha .C (Kollam), Sr. Presnna (Kollam, Perumpuzha), Suma R Babu (Kollam)

Greetings to all Alumni members. Let us know you, where, when and how. Keep in touch with the association by e-mail