The Alumni Association

The association was started in the year 2005 when the first batch PC B.Sc students were graduated.

Sr. Consolata was the first president and Sr. Doris the Secretary. The members were added year by year and various activities were planned and conducted. At present there are 218 members in the association.

On 29th of June the first batch of B.Sc Nursing Students who returned from United Arab countries joined to hold a very warm gathering by which the alumni started to be in a pedestal with nostalgic feeling to the Alma Matter, their own place of development. The members had a very home feeling and shared their experience. Ms Tunnu Susan Jacob and Nivy Davis Pazhai presented the innovative clinical instructor roles and the gains by working in Holy Cross College of Nursing.

Brief news from the Alumni

  • The Alumni decided to collect e-mail address and keep communication through internet.
  • It has also ambitiously planned to open a separate site for Alumni by name “LIGHT HOUSE”. Sr. Doris agreed to search the coast of it and it is around-Rs.50,000 . Since it is unaffordable at present, we have decided to have a link for Alumni in the web site of the College. However we may consider it later.

News from the College

  • Students of 2006 batch secured full pass and University first Rank was secured by Ms.Seenu Babu.
  • Students of 2008 batch secured full pass and University first Rank was secured by Ms. Stephy Sebastian
  • Post Basic Diploma - One Year course was stopped on 2019 onwards.
  • Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Two Year course was reduced from 35 seats to 20 seats from 2021 onwards.