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Associations in The College of Nursing


The associations actively functioning in the college are

  • College Union: College has an association formed since 2006.The elections were held as per University directions. Members were elected to the various posts every year.
  • Student Nurse Association: Student Nurses Association of Holy Cross College of Nursing is actively functioning at Unit, Zonal, State and National level.
  • National Service Scheme: National Service Scheme (KL01-087 09 ) of Holy Cross College was started in the year 2009 and is functioning under the program co ordinator as per the directions of the program officer of Kerala University.
  • Red Ribbon Club: The Red Ribbon Club was organized on 26-11-2011 and it functions according to the directions of the Kerala AIDS Control Society and National Service Scheme.
  • Trained Nurse’s Association of India: Trained Nurse Association of India unit of the college functions effectively with various educational programs conducted regularly for the professional development of nurses.
  • Catholic Nurses Guild of India: Students and staff have membership in this professional Association for the professional excellence and for the integral development of members.
Parent- Teacher Association (PTA) – Patron, President , Executive Committee.

It is constituted in accordance with the directions of the University and Nursing Council with the principal as the patron and an elected guardian as president and a vice president. The association envisages the total development of the personality of students. It helps in the development activities of the students and smooth functioning of the college.